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Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED), a more precise term for impotence, has been defined as the inability of the male sexual performance. A more specific defination diagnosis of E.D. is the persistent of repeated inability for atleast three months to attain & /or maintain an erection sufficient satisfactory sexual performance.
What are the causes of sexual weakness / E.D. ? Ans: E.D is generally categorized as :-

1. Organic : 
a) Endocrinologic
b) Neurologic
c) Vascular

2. Psychogenic :
a) Performance anxiety
b) Relationship conflict
c) Sexual inhibition]
d) Conflicts over sexual preference
e) Sexual abuse in childhood
f) Fear of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Mixed/Others:
a) Age
b) Depression-Tension
c) Smoking
d) Diabetes
e) Renal, Hepatic diseases.
f) Heart diseases
g) Anger
h) Some medications
i) recreational drugs like alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroine also cause E.D

How does erection occur ?
Ans: For erection to occur, several parts of the body must together. The brain sends messages to control the nerves, hormone levels, blood flow and muscles that cause and erection. If anything interferes with these messages or if any part of the system does not function correctly; an errection will not occur.

The brain controls all sexual functions, from perceiving arousal to initiating and controlling the psychological , hormonal, nerve and blood flow changes that lead to an errection.

Arteries deliver the extra blood to the penis that causes it to stiffen, veins then drain the blood out of the penis after intercourse.

Nerve impulses relay signals of arousal and sensation to and from the penis.

Hormone, including testosterone, control the male sex drive. Testosterone is secreted by the testicles.


Question: Investigation required to know the exact cause of sexual weakness/E.D.?
a) Physical Examination
b) Blood Test & Urine Test
c) Pipe Test
d) Penile blood flow studies
e) Sleep monitoring

Question. What are the modern & scientific treatments available for sexual weakness/E.D ?
Ans: E.D. is no more a non curable disease. the treatment of ED has changes a lot with increasing knowledge of causes of E.D. & day to day research of new methods & drugs. the following are the international and scientific treatment procedures to be used by qualified therapist in the treatment of male sexual weakness/E.D.
a) First line therapy
- Oral examination
- Hormone replacement therapy
- Vacuum constriction device
- Counseling ,Psychotherapy, Couple therapy.
b) Second line therapy
- Intracavernmosal self-injection
- Intraurtheralalalprostadil
c) Third line therapy
- Penile prostheses
- Corrective surgery (Penile revascularization etc)